Scheduling is best done by email. Please indicate appointment time preference and approximate number of boxes. Special appointments can be made for those of you who just want to drop off your supers and pickup at a later date. Work the details out with Bill.

There are two slots available per time.

First session begins at 8 am ....Second session at 1 pm
Schedule can change due to unforeseen events. In the event that we have to cancel your appointment we will do our best to find a new suitable time.

***8 am appointments are for those of you that have 6 boxes or less, those who have 7 or more will be done in the afternoon.

Minimum of Forty-eight hour notice required!

If unable to meet your scheduled time, you will be billed $25.00 for AM and $40.00 for PM late cancellation. Space is limited!


We carry Honey containers, Bottling buckets, Buckets, and Filters!







$25.00 minimum Extraction charge

(this is usually for those of you who do not have 2 boxes or more.)
Shallow Honey Supers  - $ 10.00 each
Deep Honey Supers  -  $ 17.00 each
Cappings charge if you keep the cappings $2.00 per box ( negotiable )

ALL Frames are to be brought in wooden deep or shallow boxes.

We will not accept frames in plastic tubs this year.
We do not rent out extractors.

 Bee Prepared!

1. Know or estimate the number of boxes (deep/shallow)

 *****Leave the frames in the boxes!*****

2. Check the extraction schedule below.

3. Email us TODAY to make an appointment!


(Include your name, phone number, desired appointment time, & approximate number of boxes.)

4. Drop off boxes on the Saturday before your appointment, to be placed in our 90 degree hot room. Warming the boxes increases the efficiency of extraction.

5. Please leave pets at home and no open-toed shoes  

 Bottling Supplies

Whether we extract your honey or you do it yourself, you're going to need some supplies to compete the process.

We have 1, 2, 3.5, and 5 gallon high quality food grade buckets. We also sell and install a quality spigot (adjustable gate) for easy bottling.

5 Gallon Bucket filters: 200, 400, 600 micron 

Plastic Bears




Come on in and see our inventory and low prices!

Sweet and Simple Apiaries

​Extracting by appointment only.

*ALL Inventory subject to availability.

Please contact us to verify stock or to place an order!

 Extracting Services

We offer custom and affordable extracting services. From two frames to many boxes, we can handle it all!  We usually start in August and finish in late October. You can contact us about pricing and appointment times. Our goal in offering these services is so that new beekeepers can learn what it takes to extract, but we find that our many repeat customers would prefer to leave the sticky stuff behind and not track it home with them. From our devoted hot room to our custom capping process, we continue to invest, adapt, and improve our extraction equipment and procedures to achieve the most efficient methods possible.