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Our Commitment:

  To provide quality beekeeping products and services to our wonderful customers!​

 Beekeeping Equipment

8 and 10 frame Hive Bodies and Honey Supers , Lids , Bottom Boards ,Frames , Foundation , Tools, Bee Suits and Jackets , Nucs, Medications, Bottling supplies queen rearing supplies, and more! Contact us today! We build and assemble much of our woodenware products ourselves. We take the time to glue joints and inspect each piece for quality. You will find that we carry products that we believe in or have tested and found to be worthy of our endorsement. We also carry some of the common items requested by customers even through we do not use them in our operation. Come take a look! Ask an experienced beekeeper. Check out a hive!


By appointment only. We have a honey storage room kept at around 95 degrees to aid in honey extraction.

2019 extractions schedule TBD.


We provide local raw honey to a few select stores in and around the Spokane area, including: Valley Produce, Savemore Lumber , URM, and more. We also regularly stock our Spokane raw honey in various sizes at our store on Stevens Creek Rd.


We work hard in the fall and winter to source quality bee packages and queens for our customers. Beginning in January, we start taking orders for bee packages and individual queens that will be delivered in the Spring. All packages will be available for pickup, by appointment, at our Spokane location on Stevens Creek Rd. 

2019 Prices $145 plus tax- Cash Price
Package Bee Day is APRIL 13th


 We are a seasonal operation. 


9am to 4pm

Sweet and Simple Apiaries
9918 S. Stevens Creek Road
Spokane WA 99223


We are expanding our candle selection and have bulk premium beeswax available in our store for $8 a pound. 

About Sweet and Simple Apiaries

Providing Quality Bees and Honey to the Spokane Area