Sweet and Simple Apiaries

Frames & Foundation


Our assembled frames and foundation are top of the line! We assemble them with exterior grade glue and staple them with construction grade fasteners. We also sell unassembled frames for the do-it-yourself option.


 9 1/8" wood frames with 8 1/2" waxed black plastic foundation  $2.75
 6 1/4" wood frames with 5 1/2" waxed black plastic foundation​  $2.49

Plastic frames by Acorn Bee:

9 1/8" standard and drone frames      $2.59 each

6 1/4" standard and drone frames      $2.59 each


We proudly feature Acorn Bee brand black foundation that has deeper, more defined cells, and is much sturdier than what most of our competitors use. Acorn Bee also coats their cells exclusively with domestic beeswax. 

Why black foundation???

It is much easier to identify eggs

on black foundation than on other



Lowest prices on quality frames, in the Spokane Area!

*ALL Inventory subject to availability.

Please contact us to verify stock or to place an order!