Sweet and Simple Apiaries

Woodernware comes unpainted. 

Boxes WITHOUT Frames

10 Frame Deep
8 Frame Deep
10 Frame Shallow (Super)
8 Frame Shallow (Super)


Boxes WITH Frames Included

10 Frame Deep (w 10 Frames)
8 Frame Deep (w 8 Frames)
10 Frame Shallow (w 10 Frames)
8 Frame Shallow (w 8 Frames)

*ALL Inventory subject to availability.

Please contact us to verify stock or to place an order!

Hive Bodies & Honey Supers

​Why purchase our boxes? Does it matter? Isn’t it just a basic wood frame? Not quite…

What sets us apart from our competitors is our boxes use cleats for handholds instead of recessed handholds. Recessed handholds are cold spots in the winter time and also do not give you as much control when picking up your boxes.  Our boxes can also be repaired if the rabbit on the frame rest were to break. As with the rest of our woodenware, they are assembled with exterior grade fasteners.