Sweet and Simple Apiaries

Migratory Metal Lids 

10 Frame   $19.99

8 Frame     $19.99

Telescoping Lids

10 Frame   $26.40

8 Frame     $26.40

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Hive Cover/Migratory Lids

Our metal covered migratory lids are manufactured with great care right here at Sweet and Simple Apiaries!  Fully repairable, these heavy duty lids are built to last and protect your hive; allow for close hive placement, stacking, and protection from lid blow-off in high winds. 

Construction grade fasteners, exterior grade glue and heavy gauge galvanized steel. Our lids feature a ¾ inch interior airspace which allows for application of emergency candy for winter feed and/or pollen patties or winter patties. No need for an inner cover, the extra space allows for more ventilation area. An upper entrance can be opened or closed by moving the lid forward (open in the front) or backward (blocks top entrance.)