Sweet and Simple Apiaries

Queen Replacement Policy
While our Queen and package producers do their best to ensure quality bees and queens, sometimes you will receive a bad or dead queen. Contact us immediately and we will do our best to make it right.
We will replace queens for the first 7-10 days at our Discretion. We do require that you bring in the queen for a replacement. Queens replacement is, of course, dependent on availability, however, we try to have extras on hand during the spring. 

Your Bees and Business are very important to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone!

Please be courteous to all staff and volunteers.

Do you take credit or debit cards?

YES, although we always prefer cash or check, we do take credit/debit card payments through SQUARE. A fee may be included for package bee purchase.


Do you take credit cards over the phone?

No, the fees are too high. 

Online package bee purchases with credit are available in the spring.


I want to order a package of bees! Now What?

​Click HERE!

We are sold out for 2019. Check back with us in January 2020

Queens in stock. Contact us to confirm. 


Do Hive Kits come with bees?

The kits are recommended equipment configurations of NEW equipment. Each item also available individually.
Bees are a separate purchase. 


Do you sell NUCS in the Spring?

Not currently, just packages.  A nuc contains 4-5 frames with an already laying queen, a feeder/frame of honey, worker bees, and a frame of brood. Yes, the bees are ahead of package bees by a few weeks, but we've found nucs are a great way for commercial beekeepers to get rid of old equipment. By using new or your own equipment and a package, you know exactly what the history of your hive is. (Diseases, age of frames, age of queen...)


We love your honey and have a pile of jars. Do you recycle or collect them?

WE DO NOT currently take used jars. We are not setup to handle them at this time. All honey is packaged in new jars for our customers.  Anyone that is into canning will love to have your extra jars!


Why purchase bees through you instead of some random-fly-by-night operation we found on Craigslist?

We are Beekeepers with an ACTUAL store. A website. Email. Phone number. When you purchase bees and equipment from us, you also get access to our experience and firsthand knowledge. 


Really, what makes you different from other folks selling bees? Aren't they just bees?

  • Our bees are sourced from a reputable producer in California that has supplied us with quality packages and healthy bees for over six seasons.
  • We back up our bees and will do what we can to fix any issues such as dead queens.
  • We schedule appointment times for package pickup so we can spend some time with each customer and do an hourly package installation demonstration. 
  • Experienced beekeepers will be on site to answer your questions.
  • We also have quality equipment available at competitive prices.
  • And finally, we have an email address and phone number available to our customers for questions as they arise. Several beekeepers monitor it and will get back to you as soon as they can.


I didn't get an email with a total for my package order. Where is it?

Please make sure you check your spam folder. For some reason, msn users and mac users are having our emails filtered into spam.

More Questions and Answers coming SOON!