Sweet and Simple Apiaries

Equipment Overview

Premium Beekeeping Equipment for the Spokane Area

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Woodenware Hive Kits 

Un-painted only for 2018

10 frame, 8 Frame, Western 10 Frame

Hive Lids/Hive Covers 

Sturdy Migratory Lids

Telescopic Lids

Inner Covers

Insulated Lids

(Available in 10 frame, 8 Frame)

Bottom Boards 

Cedar Bottom Boards built to last

Screened Bottom Boards

Killion Boards- Horizontal bars for burr comb reduction

Frames & Foundation

9 1/8 wood frames
8 1/2 waxed black plastic foundations
6 1/4 wood frames
6 1/2 waxed black plastic foundations

Plastic Drone Frames

Hive Body & Honey Supers

10 frame 9 5/8 deep hive bodies
8 frame 9 5/8 deep hive bodies

6 5/8 shallow honey supers


5 Frame quality Nucs, same design as our hives - IN STOCK


Smokers, Hive Tools, Frame Grabbers, Brushes, and more!


Suits, Jackets, Gloves, Veils, Hats and more!

Oxalic Acid Vaporizers

We carry Oxalic. Not currently

stocking vaporizers. OxaVap.com

Drip Boards

8 & 10 Frame Polyurethane Drip Boards

(Low Stock until Mid-summer 2018)

Other Supplies

Inline feeders w/ cap and ladder

Queen Excluders

Candy Boards

Premium Drip Boards (Coming soon.)

Hive Treatments

Hive Stands

Queen Rearing Supplies

Bottles, lids, jars, buckets, filters,

pollen patties, and more!​

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*ALL Inventory subject to availability.

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We carry the best hives in Spokane!