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We carry the best woodenware in Spokane!

Equipment Overview

Premium Beekeeping Equipment for the Spokane Area

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Woodenware Hive Kits 

Un-painted only

10 frame, 8 Frame, Western 10 Frame

Hive Lids/Hive Covers 

Sturdy Migratory Lids

Telescopic Lids

Inner Covers

Insulated Lids

(Available in 10 frame, 8 Frame)

Bottom Boards 

Cedar Bottom Boards built to last

Screened Bottom Boards

Killion Boards- Horizontal bars for burr comb reduction

Frames & Foundation

9 1/8 wood frames
8 1/2 waxed black plastic foundations
6 1/4 wood frames
6 1/2 waxed black plastic foundations

Plastic Drone Frames

Hive Body & Honey Supers

10 frame 9 5/8 deep hive bodies
8 frame 9 5/8 deep hive bodies

6 5/8 shallow honey supers


5 Frame quality Nucs, same design as our hives - IN STOCK


Smokers, Hive Tools, Frame Grabbers, Brushes, and more!


Suits, Jackets, Gloves, Veils, Hats and more!

Oxalic Acid Vaporizers

We carry Oxalic.  Watch for group buy

opportunities on vaporizers. OxaVap.com

Drip Boards

8 & 10 Frame Polyurethane Drip Boards

(Low Stock until Mid-summer 2018)

Other Supplies

Inline feeders w/ cap and ladder

Queen Excluders

Candy Boards-  8 and 10 frame

Premium Drip Boards (Coming soon.)

Hive Treatments

Hive Stands

Queen Rearing Supplies

Bottles, lids, jars, buckets, filters,

pollen patties, and more!​